Rosie Melville is an artist from Kent. From a scientific background, she retrained as an artist, graduating with an FdA in Fine Art Practice in 2014.  She lives in Rochester and participates in exhibitions as well as undertaking commissions and working within the community.

The subject of physical and mental health is at the center of Rosie’s practice, along with her passion for natural history collections and curiosities. She uses a wide variety of materials throughout her works to express emotions and physical sensations.


It is a specific understated use of materials that stimulates disquiet and curiosity in the viewer, causing them to question what they see. The meanings of materials, and the interpretation of the forms used is left open to the viewer. Her work typically alludes to the body, her fascination in collections of discarded personal possessions, and the stories carried with them.

Engaging others is an important part of Rosie’s practice. In addition to making sculpture, she works in the community, supporting others to make Art. She has witnessed the effect of Art to make positive changes to people’s health and wellbeing and considers it a vital path towards better mental and physical health.

Photo: James Macintyre